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Looking for top quality pet beds? Wikopet offers a wide range of beds to meet the requirements of even the most demanding pet parents and their dogs. We provide standard as well as premium dog beds.

Our product line includes an extensive selection of various pet beds: beginning from mats and mattresses, and ending with state-of-the-art orthopedic beds.  


Orthopedic Pet Beds Don’t Have To Be Pricey

Wikopet, as a European powerhouse in the production of dog beds has the ability to supply the highest quality of products, while maintaining a reasonable price level. Our top products are the orthopedic pet beds. According to our estimates, they are only 27% more expensive than the standard dog beds.

Wikopet pet bed - SofaWikopet pet bed - Mattress

Your Dog’s Health Is The Priority

Our orthopedic pet beds are created with a special concern for your best friend’s health. They provide protection for the joints, bones and the entire muscular system. The beds are made using special foam which reduces pressure and strain on the joints.  A dog’s’ skeletal system is relived of various tension and overload problems, which may drastically reduce the risk of different types of inflammation. Orthopedic pet beds are an item that is increasingly more popular among conscious pet owners who know how important prevention is, and who can appreciate the value of their best friend’s comfort.

Wikopet pet bed - Donut

Orthopedic pet beds – Wikopet

Ease Of Recovery And Sickness Relief

Using orthopedic pet beds is recommended after any greater physical effort: longer walks, days of fun at the park, etc. Memory foam in the beds makes them adapt perfectly to the shape of your dog. This helps the micro-injuries resulting from fatigue or increased activity heal faster, making the muscles or bones of the dog become stronger. Orthopedic beds are known for incredible comfort and support, which is the reason why they are so often chosen by owners of animals struggling with various diseases.

Importing From Europe Is Not A Great Challenge

There is no reason to fear shipping of the European goods to the US. Our experienced team of consultants are sure to find a solution to any of your querries, and will assist you with all of the formalities. When using an experienced, trusted supplier, you get a guarantee that the pet beds you order meet the highest safety and quality standards. Do not hesitate to contact our consultants today and see how we can help you grow your business.

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